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Funny pranks

Funny pranks 2017 compilation

Try Not To Laugh or Grin Watching Funny Pranks 2017 Compilation from "Life Awesome". Don't forget to share this funny pranks compilation witrh your...
cat stands up

Funny cat stands up when someone rings bell

Curiosity of cats has no limit. And they show their feelings very directly. When the doorbell rang, the cat stood on its legs and...

10 People Who Have No Shame Whatsoever

Distress, humiliation, shame — just three words that describe my day-to-day life. The people we're looking at today, however, no chance. These people are...
Corgi loves carousel

Corgi loves carousel

Sometimes dogs act like humans. Especially such dogs as Corgi. Dogs of this breed is characterized by a cheerful and good-natured temper and constantly find...
cute french bulldog puppy

Best cute french bulldog puppies

French bulldogs - it's one of the most popular dog breeds. Small, good-natured, playful dogs is the best suited for the contents of the apartment....
cat sitting inside a watermelon

Chill cat sitting inside a watermelon

LOL! Chill cat sitting inside a watermelon marks the official end of summer ;)  Mourn the loss of warm weather and summer picnics by...
Golden Retriever cleans the house

Golden Retriever cleans the house

Teach the dog to order - the dream of many owners. There are not moving away from the bowl, not to hide the bones...
laugh of an evil genius

Baby has the maniacal laugh of an evil genius

Here's the world's next evil genius in training. A YouTube user uploaded a montage of their baby's quirky laugh. While she's still an innocent, happy-go-lucky...
cat wears socks

What happens when a cat wears socks?

Cats are not fans of having anything put on their feet, as Chapy the cat hilariously demonstrates for us. No more socks! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehP3pANLD8Q
dog gets blindsided

Dog gets blindsided by epic slip ‘n slide tube

One of the best things about dogs is that they're always willing to participate. They're the perfect pet for people who like to get...



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